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Make Along With Me!

It's the first Monday of the month - and I am planning for fall.  I have a million things on the needles right now as I've talked about before - and already 3 other sweaters, but I really want to knit another Weekender by Andrea Mowry.  I have already knit one of these sweaters in a super warm and rustic yarn but have been craving a soft squishy wear everyday kind of version.  So i dyed up some charcoal / black in some places yarn and plan to cake them up and start tonight.  I do have a test knit going right now at the same time, but it is color work and textured stitches, so this will be a pleasant go between.  If you have never see this sweater, but I'm sure you have - this is it:
This is the perfect wear with everything sweater and I plan to knit number 2 during the month of July.

You can purchase the pattern HERE - and I will be putting a thread up in my Ravelry group to chat along as we knit if you would like to join in.  I really hope that you do.  But because I know…

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