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Ballet Update

January 8, 2019
Earlier last week I talked a little bit about my goals for the upcoming year - what I wanted to add into my life for 2019. Typically you hear everyone talking about all the things they want to take away - and honestly, that’s great - if that works for you. You do you. But I find that when I start removing things from my life, I end up with a load of resentment, anger, frustration and am all around less happy. However, I find when I incorporate something that that positively impacts my life, not only do I feel like my life is full - for lack of a better word- but those things that I would have normally given up, naturally just fall away.... I’m sure I’m not making much sense - writing was never my strong suit.
So, last night was the first night of the Ballet class I signed up for - and yes I still went. I was counting down the hours until I got off work so I could go - I was like a little kid waiting for Christmas, or their best friend to come over for a play date - I had butterflies in my stomach and was so nervous and so excited all at the same time. I had literally day dreamed how the class would go - every scenario - good and embarrassing - that could possibly happen.
Let me tell you, I forgot how much I loved dancing until last night. I forgot how much I NEEDED dancing, until last night. Why is it when we get older or become parents (I’m not gonna say just moms, I know dads give things up for their families too, and having been raised by a single dad - I don’t think that’s fair to assume only moms give up pieces of their lives to make room for the new lives that they are making) we completely lose ourselves.
When I signed up for this class, the gal on the phone said it was a beginners class - well, It wasn’t. Not even close. It was a high intensity cardio ballet. Many fast combinations, little to no demonstration- just the instructor spouting off the entire 42 piece combination she wanted you to do, and it was meant to make you sweat - and work your ass off. Oh my gosh. So, she let me know this - and also said to just do what I could - she knew it had been a while since I had strapped on any sort of dance shoe. We spent the first 3/4 of the time at the Barre - and I quickly found out that I had picked the wrong spot to stand. See, when you work at the Barre - being in the very back when you are working on your right leg is great because you get to follow everyone....but then you always work on both legs, and turn around and if you were in the back, you are now in the front. OMG, how had I forgotten this. Whelp. It was soooooo hard. I did it though - I messed up a lot - and am really sorry to anyone who was behind me that was looking forward to follow someone because they did not get a strong dancer to follow - they got me. The girl who couldn’t remember if their arms were supposed to stay in second, or if their Jete was grand or petit - I remembered how to plié - and how to do Battment, but didn't even try to do a Piqué - I knew the minute I tried - I would fall over before I even made it around.
But the best part, honestly, was half way through the class - this girls who moved here from Louisiana to go to school at WSU (she graduated last year and decided she loved our city so much, she stayed) high-fived me!! “your doing amazing! I am so happy you didn't leave after the first 5 minutes - you may be rusty - but your doing great - this class is so incredibly hard, even for me!” she said. That right there made my night. This girls was so incredibly sweet - she didn’t have to talk to me - she doesn't even know what what little bit of encouragement was like for me. That’s how that works though, right? You never know what kind of impact your words will have on someone. It sure as hell reminded me that every little complement goes a long way, and sometimes the best gift in the word is a kind word.
Anyway - after the Barre, we did some combinations across the floor - I nailed the last one - almost, lol. We all lined up and took our turns curtsying at the end of class.
Guy’s, dance class was amazing. I’m going again on Saturday, it’s actually a beginning Ballet class. I need to remember the basics - but I’m also not quitting Mondays. No matter how hard it was - I loved it - and I loved the people. Don’t get me wrong, my legs burn and it hurts to walk, to sit, go up or down stairs.... but I can’t wait for next week.
Until next week,


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